Rooftop Church

About Us




It was never a long-planned journey.  We were simply hungry and curious to see what God could do if we all stepped out in faith.  We wanted to create a home, a triage where the broken, lost, those seeking spiritual guidance and healing could come and find rest.  We were intentional from day one about being the kind of church that values authentic encounters with God and with people. 

There wasn’t a particular pull in where we were to begin our new church journey, so we left it to the Lord to reveal to us through prayer.

“Be in the city of Anaheim!  East of the 57 freeway, west of State College Blvd., north of the Block, and south of Lincoln Ave.” were the specific words received from the Lord. From there, we went looking.  We looked for any space that would accommodate our small group and were prepared to call ourselves a church.  In just a few days of searching, God allowed us the perfect place to begin our ministry.  As we witnessed God’s faithfulness in leading us then, we are unafraid to go where He calls us.

Since the official launch in January of 2015, our community of faith has grown.  We are committed to love God more, and be even more courageous in ministering to those we journey with.  As we tend to each person, we see our hearts being stretched beyond our borders to embrace the stories of many more to come.  As we diligently preach #intimatecommunity, we look forward to see many more stories being interwoven to form a beautiful tapestry of God. 


Core Values

Gospel Centered
We are a gospel-centered church, where people who are sick, broken, and hurt are embraced to come and worship God as one.

Intimate Community
We believe in building a community that is authentic and faithful in ministering to one another.

Extravagent Worship
We commit our absolute best effort to lead an excellent, passionate life before God.

Concentric Leadership
We believe every follower of Christ is called to be a leader who is able to impact others for His sake.

We commit to encountering and helping those around us who are suffering and by relieving their pains and burdens.

Radical Obedience
We hear and obey the voice of God.


Meet the Rooftop Team


Lead Pastor: Scott Oh

Scott is committed to advancing God’s kingdom by empowering this generation of believers. His vision is to teach the gospel of Christ by equipping and training the local and global communities.

He and his wife, Esther, have two children together, Sammy and Abigail. P. Scott graduated from UCLA with a Mathematics degree and has a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. His passions include sports, monopoly and grilling.


Associate Pastor: Tavis Choe

Pastor Tavis is committed to “Loving God and Loving People”. He believes this is God’s given calling for for all those who confess Jesus Christ as their Lord. Pastor Tavis helps oversee the church-wide operations and vision of Rooftop with Pastor Scott.

He is married to his lovely wife, Deb. P. Tav graduated from CSULB with a Communications degree and has a Master of Divinity from Talbot School of Theology. He loves to play games, watch shows and eat food.


Children's Director: Chris Hyo Park