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This is a 12-week class designed to teach the basic tenets of the Christian faith and the core values of Rooftop Church. In this course, members are encouraged to unpack their life stories and discuss their journey to faith. We believe sharing testimonies adds to the larger narrative of Rooftop Church and builds solid fellowship.  All participants will be confirmed in faith and commissioned to serve the church utilizing their unique talents and gifts upon completion of the class.

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Our small groups are called Blocks.  They are called Blocks because we believe them to be the building “blocks” of building this church.  Blocks are an integral part of Rooftop Church as it is a connector/extension of the corporate worship on Sundays.  It’s an extended opportunity to connect deeper with other members of the church body.  In the safety of each Block, members experience the intimacy of community as they grow in ministering to one another.

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Presence is our monthly prayer night where the church comes together in worship and intercession.    It’s quite simple.  We want to be a prayerful church.   We offer a welcoming space for people to commune intimately with God, experience His presence, and grow in corporate prayer with their church community.



Refresh is our outreach ministry where we serve those who are in need in hopes to relieve their pain and burden.  We believe that we are blessed to bless. When we are committed to refreshing, or enhancing the quality of the lives of others, we, too, will experience the provision of God in our own lives (Proverbs 11:25).