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Check Up Time - Revelation 2:1-7

Revelation 2:1-7

If we were to take a spiritual thermometer to measure our love for Christ today, what would it say?  Would it indicate our love for God is still hot or that it went cold?  Have we become comfortable and complacent with doing routine and religion while leaving out our love for Christ?  Jesus commends the Ephesus church for all the right things they are doing, but He confronts them with the one important thing they left out- their first love.  As scripture states, without love everything is meaningless and pointless.  Without love for Christ our service and our labor is meaningless.  We may need to return to our first love.  We may need our passion for Jesus to be reignited.  If this is the case, let us return to the first love and reignite our passion for Him. 

Mike Kim