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Impact Series - Prereq for Impact

Acts 1:3-14

Continuing on with our mini-series on "Impact" we'll be looking at a church in Scripture that made an impact in their world.  The church doesn't have a name; but it's best known as the "first church".   Many churches, if not all, try to model after this first church.  When we read in Acts 2:42-47, we see a vibrant church that is on fire for God making an impact in their community.  But, the church didn't just become vibrant out of the blue.  The church didn't make an impact because they were so well organized and experienced.  Rather, something happened in the beginning of chapter two- Pentecost.  The disciples were baptized/filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost which caused them to become a church that was enabled and empowered to make an impact.  But, a question we need to be asking is: how were the disciples filled with the Holy Spirit?  To answer this question, chapter 1 of Acts depicts what the disciples were doing right before they were filled.  And this is what we'll be focusing on today.  

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