Rooftop Church


Romans Series - H.U.G.

H.U.G.  As a church, we are to HUG.  HUG is an acronym to simplify three points that we can find in our passage for the church to practice.  HUMILITY.  We are to be humble towards one another.  Humility is not about thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less; all for the sake of edifying a fellow believer.  UNITY.  We, as a church, are called to be united.  Not to think alike and agree on anything and everything or share the same preferences, but to be united in attitude and purpose.  And that attitude and purpose is found in Christ.  GLORY.  Our purpose and goal is to ultimately bring glory to God.  When we practice humility, think in unity we will bring glory to our God together as a church.  

Passage: Romans 15:1-6

Mike Kim